We discovered this quotation at Chelsea Physic Garden. It is the motto of Carl Linnaeus, the 18th Century Botanist and father of modern Taxonomy. We think his motto is so apt for our project that we have decided to adopt it.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Clear plastic sticker found on Pembridge Gardens, 5th July 2007.

Another Magnum lollistick found a few feet from the other two sticks. 5th July 2007.

Lolli pop sticks. White paper stick for a boiled sweet type confectionary next to it a wooden stick used to hold Magnum ice creams. Found on Pembridge Gardens, 5th July 2007.

Workmens red plastic and cloth fabric glove. Found on the fence of Pembridge Square. 5th July 2007.
click here to view the location on streetmap.

Also found in the 'Pembridge Square ditch' (as we now affectionately call it) was this page from a map of Brighton. Found 5th July 2007.

This find appears to be a shutter hinge of some description but this needs to be researched and examined in much more detail to deduce its true function. Found on the perifery of Pembridge Square, 5th July 2007.
click here to view the location on streetmap

Black Plastic coated Bike Lock, Large, found on the perifery of Pembridge Square, on 5th July 2007.
We decided to leave the lock on top of the sign post as it seemed to have been placed there for its rightful owner to retrieve.

Find number four

Mother of Pearl Button, found on Kensington Place, near the corner with Kensington Church Street, 5th July 2007. click here to view the exact location on streetmap.

Find Three

Red elastic band, Kensington Place, found 5th July 2007 on double yellow lines oppostite No.1B click here to view the find location on streetmap.
Included here are pictures of rare sitings, for this location, of graffitti and rubbish in the street

Second find of the archive

Monday 2nd July 2007, found at approximately 1.40pm on the north side of Westbourne Grove, on the pavement outside Denbigh House. Silver chain 12.2cm long, each link 3mm x 2mm.
The chain is fairly lightweight, and I doubt that it is real silver. Click here view the location of this find on streetmap.