We discovered this quotation at Chelsea Physic Garden. It is the motto of Carl Linnaeus, the 18th Century Botanist and father of modern Taxonomy. We think his motto is so apt for our project that we have decided to adopt it.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Small metal disc

Found 10th July 2007, on the pavement, lodged between raised bumps and engraved circle design of 'non-slip' surface, leading to pedestrian crossing (pictured). The find is a flat disc of bronze coloured metal, smooth on both sides, approximately one inch in diameter. The special surface of the pavement on which it was found is perhaps due to proximity of Royal Hospital, residence of Chelsea Pensioners (one Chelsea Pensioner is pictured using the crossing). It is probably this special surface which has trapped the find and prevented it from being cleaned away. The location is Royal Hospital Road, North side, opposite Royal Hospital.
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Double-sided note

Found 5 July 2007 on Kensington Church Street, lower end near the Church. This small square of paper was discovered leant upright against the stone wall, as if purposefully left. On examination it proved to be a double-sided note; one side of plain paper, inscribed with 'Argos' and a six digit number; the reverse pre-decorated with coloured (predominately pink and yellow) images of cartoon characters, hand written notes and diagram in two sections, possibly in Spanish. Decoration of hearts. Additional note in second colour of pen (blue rather than black) - 'salade' - perhaps a shopping list.
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These cartoon characters are in fact the Powerpuff Girls - or Meninhas Superpoderosas as it might be more appropriate to refer to them as - considering that this notelet has come all the way from Brazil, from a stationery manufacturer outside of Sao Paulo that licenses cartoon and other characters to produce home and office stationery. This leads us to believe that the writing on the notelet is in portuguese rather than spanish, and does indeed consist of a shopping list.
Grafons are the largest greetings card manufacturers in Brazil with 380 employees, their export marketing was only initiated in 2000, though the company was founded in 1972.

Heart Shaped Object

This object was found embedded in the grit in between the cracks in the pavement surrounding a yellow grid. It is about 1.5cm long, flat, shiny on one side and dull papery on the other. Perhaps it came from a cheap locket. The location of the find was Kensington Church Street - we have included some landmarks to place the area more precisely. On the opposite side of the road nearby was 'Mrs M.E.Crick' Chandelier shop; and directly opposite was the house of Muzio Clementi, Composer and sometime musical dueler to Mozart. On the find's side of the road was a pub, The Churchill Arms, the sign of which is pictured. Found 5th July 2007.