We discovered this quotation at Chelsea Physic Garden. It is the motto of Carl Linnaeus, the 18th Century Botanist and father of modern Taxonomy. We think his motto is so apt for our project that we have decided to adopt it.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

TalkTalk envelope


small bent piece of wire, found on the King's Road 18th July 2007

Piece of bark

This chunk of bark was found on the corner of Tite Street and Royal Hospital Road, 18th July 2007

Stone and Leaf from the Gingko Bilbao Tree

Found in the garden, by a volunteer worker, 18th July 2007

Piece of asphalt

Found on Tite street, 18th July 2007

Pricey paving stone (fragment)

Found by Rosie, the curator of the garden, at lunch time on the 18th July. Workmen in the street outside chipped this piece off accidentally - sending it flying in the air - before remarking that it cost £100 per m/sq!