We discovered this quotation at Chelsea Physic Garden. It is the motto of Carl Linnaeus, the 18th Century Botanist and father of modern Taxonomy. We think his motto is so apt for our project that we have decided to adopt it.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Heart Shaped Object

This object was found embedded in the grit in between the cracks in the pavement surrounding a yellow grid. It is about 1.5cm long, flat, shiny on one side and dull papery on the other. Perhaps it came from a cheap locket. The location of the find was Kensington Church Street - we have included some landmarks to place the area more precisely. On the opposite side of the road nearby was 'Mrs M.E.Crick' Chandelier shop; and directly opposite was the house of Muzio Clementi, Composer and sometime musical dueler to Mozart. On the find's side of the road was a pub, The Churchill Arms, the sign of which is pictured. Found 5th July 2007.

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