We discovered this quotation at Chelsea Physic Garden. It is the motto of Carl Linnaeus, the 18th Century Botanist and father of modern Taxonomy. We think his motto is so apt for our project that we have decided to adopt it.

Friday, 24 August 2007

Granny's green pen

Brought to Chelsea Physic Garden by Bella, who had found the pen on her way to the Garden. She told us a fabulous story of how her Granny only wrote in green pen. Apparently the story goes that her Granny had found a fountain pen when she was a child and being a good child had decided to take it to the police station. In those days if the lost property wasn't retrieved by its rightful owner within 3 months then the person that handed it in could claim it as their own. 3 months passed and no one retrieved the fountain pen, on receiving the pen Bella's Granny discovered that it was filled with green ink and from that day onwards she has writtern in green ink!

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